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 September 19, 2011



A Chitrali, Fighting for a Drug Free World

Almighty Allah has blessed Chitral youth with ample talented. Chitrali students have shown their worth in almost every field of study. Chitrali professionals have brought laurels in fields including, science and technology, management, business, education, administration and so on. Recently a young Chitrali social scientist, Ahmad Shah, was invited as a ‘resource person’ in the 8th Asian Youth Congress, being held in Thimphu, Buthan (Sept.18-23) in collaboration with US State Department and Colombo Plan. Colombo Plan has been an agile entity that strives to engage youth in helping ‘drug demand reduction’ in their respective societies.

Ahmad Shah comes from a small village called Rabat in Arkarli valley. He has completed graduation in Developing Studies from COMSATS. Since people in his area suffer from drug addiction he conducted a research regarding drug abuse in the region. His research work and dissertation got distinction. He has participated in more than a dozen national and international conferences and seminars regarding his topic of interest.

List of events he participated is as follow:
8th Asian Youth Congress in Thimphu, Buthan, (Sept. 18-23), as resource person,
10 Young Leaders conference 1-6 July 2011 Karachi, Pakistan,

Young Mobilize in 3rd Pakistan Youth Congress organized by Drug Free Foundation with the Collaboration of Colombo Plan 3-6 June 2011,
3 Days Training workshop on “Drug Abuse Prevention” 29th to 31st December 2010 Karachi, Pakistan,
Represented Govt. of Pakistan in 3rd Grade Anatolian World Culture in Youth Meeting 2010 held in Ankara, Turkey in May 2010,
1st Afghan Youth Congress 4-8 April 2010 organized by Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Program and Ministry of Youth Affairs and Anti Narcotic Department Kabul, Afghanistan.

2nd Pakistan Youth Congress 2-4 March 2010, organized by Drug Free Pakistan Foundation in collaboration with Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Program, 6th Asia Youth Conference, 4-7 August 2008, organized by the Colombo Plan Drug Advisory Programme in collaboration with National Narcotics Board (BNN) and Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) in Bali, Indonesia.

Ahmad Shah aspires to work for a drug free society in Chitral. For this purpose he wants to establish an organization which he names as Drug Free Welfare Organization, Chitral (DFWOC).

Fighting the drug abuse is not only our religious duty but also a moral obligation. In order to build a safer tomorrow, efforts of individuals like Ahmad Shah should be encouraged and admired.

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